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Blackie’s Veggies started as a small backyard operation in the mid 1990’s and has been growing ever since! Every year we produce fresh, top-quality vegetables on our own farm – meeting the highest standard of Buying Local. Our customers know we will provide them with consistent quality produce that is picked daily.

In Carleton County New Brunswick, if you have a good product word gets around. Our advertising is largely by word of mouth, with large signs at the end of our road in addition to a Facebook page and this website. We sell our produce at a local Farmer’s Market every Thursday through the summer months in Florenceville- Bristol as well as at the farm stand which is open daily from July to late October.

We are small enough to have a “hands on” approach for quality and would not sell anything we would not eat ourselves. Nothing is wasted as our sheep will eat anything that does not make the grade.

This table provides you with information on what vegetables we grow and the approximate times they are available at our stand. The exact times can vary from season to season due to growing conditions. Green indicates the produce is ‘In Season’ and (depending on growing conditions) will be available.


Veggie Early July Late July Early August Late August Early Sept Late Sept October
Beans (green & yellow)    Yes Yes   Yes Yes     
Beet Greens  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes       
Beets by the Pail    Yes Yes  Yes  Yes     
Cabbage    Yes Yes   Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Carrots Yes   Yes  Yes Yes   Yes  Yes Yes 
Corn     Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Corn Stalks         Yes  Yes  Yes 
Cucumbers    Yes  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Gourds         Yes  Yes  Yes 
Hay    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes 
Lettuce (Head & Romaine)    Yes Yes         
Onions    Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes
Peas  Yes Yes  Yes   Yes      
Peppers     Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   
Potatoes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes 
Pumpkins         Yes  Yes  Yes 
Radish Yes   Yes  Yes  Yes      
Raspberries   Yes           
Squash       Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Straw        Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Swiss Chard  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes      
Tomatoes       Yes   Yes Yes   

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