Purebred Suffolk Sheep

From strong British bloodlines.


We grow what we sell.

Registered Border Collies

Working farm dogs with great herding instincts and friendly personalities

Yarn From Our Own Flock

Made using wool from our own flock of Purebred Suffolk sheep.

Welcome to Blackie’s

Located in the community of Florenceville-Bristol in Western New Brunswick, Blackie’s Suffolks & Vegetables is a cozy family farm specializing in Purebred Suffolk sheep and grown-on-site vegetables.  We grow everything we sell and are proud to supply the surrounding community with farm-fresh vegetables through both the local Farmers’ Market and our own Farm Stand.

Suffolk Sheep

From strong British bloodlines.

Our Veggies

We grow everything we sell.

Breeding Stock for Sale • Brebis á Vendre

We started out with strong British & Scottish bloodlines in our flock and have continued to do so. This can be easily verified by checking the pedigrees of our ewes and rams with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.

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